McDonald Creek / funny tracks in the snow 5th Okt 2013!!!!!!!

hiked up towards Silvermine, by the cabin i went straigt up through the bush, there is no trail, it had about 10cm of snow, after 20minutes hiking i did came in a tree opening area so from there i went straigt up towarts the mountain ridge, again 10 min hiking one of a sudden i did heard something above me in the bush, i did keep going and thaught a deer or mountain goat, but then i saw the tracks in the snow!! grizzly tracks as fresh as they can be/ the hartbeet went up i tell you holy crap, well i did turned around, went down the mountain as quick as possible, when i thought i was save! then i took a couple of pictures, i will try to put them on my webside too!! otherways you can see it on face book under cedar motel  that was one of my adventures and storries it was a beautifull day anyway