Hike to a unnamed Lake

my son found a Lake with on incredible color on google earth, so he menchant that he like's to go up there, i did told him there is no trail getting up there. so anyway a couple of days ago, i desided, to check it out where the easiest way would be, but i did had to find out, there is no easy way, after 3/4hour hike, with a couple of times in mind to turn around, i did went to the brusches, had scratches here and there, so i had a rest, had some coffee, in that relaxing time, i did realized that i fergot the pepper spray in the pick up, oh i was so relaxt and happy about that, but i still had my pocketknife with me, i felt soooo good!! anyway i did hike up through a creek bed then crossed to a ridge + - 2400m hiked over that ridge towarts the peak, + - 2700m or 8500 feet,the last 10 m or 30feet i did had to cross a eis field, well if you are alone, you are alone, so you have to be 10 x more carful because, it is a looong way from home. as i hit the top, that lake! unbelivable the color, just mind bogling, i will try to put some pictures on , so that you can see how it looks, and i tell you the lake's color are like the pictures color, and the crazy thing was i saw wolf tracks wright on top, what do they do up here, well i know there are quite a bunch of mountain goat's up here, so they are looking for them. so i did had another crazy good day !! if you have any question call me!! the cedar motel thanks